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Our father-daughter duo at Janys aims to bring the experience and professionalism of Richard who has been in the business for the past 28 years and Sharon, who offers new insight paired with modern and efficient solutions. 

With the marriage of his ever growing network and her fresh input and robust capabilities in this perfect environment, being Singapore itself, we dare say that the possibilities are almost endless.

Trusted with Honesty, Knowledge & Experience. Since 1992.

Trusted by professionals and business owners across the globe. Whether you’re a multi-millionaire looking to acquire 10 shophouses, or you’re looking for a new home for your family. Trust, professionalism, conduct, manner are vital in any business relationship.

A good realtor is focused on the transaction, but an experienced one is attentive and sensitive to needs. Time, money, and opportunity costs are critical variables in any transaction. The most important skill of any realtor, property agent or real estate broker is his or her experience in negotiation.

Project Marketing In 1993


I learnt the ropes from my Father, Richard. I remember him bringing me to viewings with clients when I was little. Having obtained the Real Estate Salesperson License before graduating from the University of Edinburgh, I jumped straight into real estate. I joined a mega agency, Propnex where I honed and fined tuned my skills and knowledge. 


Working there also equipped me with an arsenal of effective and relevant marketing techniques along with a broad network and valuable knowledge from top of the range mentors. I am really excited to be teaming up with my father and continually aspire to evolve and perfect my skills in the world of realty.

Project Marketing In 1993


As a professional realtor since 1992, Richard is a seasoned veteran in the industry. Hailing from Poland, Richard completed his tertiary education at Singapore Polytechnic and his stint with the Singapore Fire Service (now Civil Defence) as an officer. Together with his Singaporean wife, they realised that Singapore was the perfect melting pot to start a business and raise their children. Richard is still as enthusiastic as ever in the business and is always looking at ways to evolve and reinvent himself to always add value to his clients. That’s commitment!

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